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Image: From Rochdale to Tokyo

From Rochdale to Tokyo

Posted by Glove on 5 Sep 2020 at 14:09

The summer 2020 Olympics might be delayed to 2021 but pupils and staff at Kentmere will start making their way there from September 2020.  Kentmere Academy and Nursery will be launching the Daily Mile for the 350+ pupils and staff in a campaign to get fit, increase exercise and have fun whilst improving their physical and mental health.

We know that for many, the time off school during Covid-19 has resulted in less activity and we want to mark the return to school with a high energy challenge that everyone can take part in.  There are lots of activities to promote physical and mental wellbeing at Kentmere and we know the impact that being healthy makes.  Our pupils and staff are happier, can focus better during the school day and they take this learning home to their families.  We have 5,857 miles to run or walk to get to our destination and this is under 20 miles per person.  We hope that we might have some pupils and staff doing more running than walking towards the end of the challenge.  Each day pupils and staff will take part to contribute to the mammoth challenge.  We will chat to each other along the way and will of course be observing social distancing.

The school is fortunate to have a brand new mile track in the school grounds so that the walking and running can be done safely. Sarah Ker who is leading the project at Kentmere Academy and Nursery said “I am really excited about this project as I know the children will enjoy the challenge and learn along the way.  Staff too sometimes need encouraging to exercise more, so by doing it together the whole school will feel the benefits of moving more and being in the fresh air”.  In school, we shall track our progress and see the countries and places of interest that we go through along the way.  We will learn about the countries that we are travelling through and hopefully some of our pupils will have been to these places and can tell us more about them.  During assembly time we will celebrate the distance that we have travelled and share our experiences of the project.

The pupils have already started the challenge and are enjoying the new track.  Comments from pupils include: “I love the daily mile because it’s good exercise” , “I love anything that involves running” and “the track is so bouncy and fresh!”

The Daily Mile is a national campaign that encourages a social physical activity, with children running or jogging at their own pace in the fresh air with friends. Children can occasionally walk to catch their breath, if necessary, but should aim to run or jog for the full 15 minutes. The aim is to give every child the opportunity to do The Daily Mile at primary school.  You can find out more at

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