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Extra Curricular Clubs

At Kentmere Academy, we feel that our extra-curricular clubs are what makes our school unique. Pupils are encouraged to choose the clubs and activities they wish to take part in and they can choose as many as they like. We take pride in our efforts to provide both an active and healthy lifestyle for our children, in addition to our academic efforts.

Please note the times for the after school clubs are 2:45 - 3:30.  Your child/children must be collected at 3:30 from the main office unless stated otherwise. 

The benefits of participation in Extra Curricular Clubs are wide and varied which range from not only physical benefits due to the promotion of increased activity, but to psychological and social advantages.  Research suggests that participation in extracurricular clubs on a regular basis helps. children to develop their own personalities, reduce emotional stress and enhance social and academic skills.

Read more about the Extra Curricular Clubs and the benefits here.

Free Clubs

Free Clubs

Below is a list of the various extra curricular clubs and activities that your child can join. If you would like more information on any of these clubs, please contact us.

List of Clubs

List of Clubs

Please find our current club list here.

It is very important that children commit to the clubs that they choose for the entire duration of the term. Please let the club leader know in advance if your child cannot attend a club.

The Benefits

The Benefits

Participation in activities that children are passionate about helps to increase brain function, concentration and time management, all of which contribute to a more positive attitude towards school as well as higher academic inspirations.

By engaging in multiple different activities children get the opportunity to explore a range of interests and unlock skills and passions they never knew they had.
Diversifying children’s interests ultimately broadens their world views. For example, a child attending Science Club will begin to look at the world around them as a scientist, exploring, investigating and questioning the world around them, thus improving cognitive development.

The more success children achieve through activities they are passionate about, the more their self-confidence will improve. For example, a child who attends the Times Tables Rockstar Club, will improve their times tables knowledge and scores and they will become more competitive against their peers. During the process children will realise how much fun maths is and how talented they actually are, which will give
them a massive confidence boost for when in lessons. The children learn that working hard enables them to be successful.

Each extra curricular club provides children the opportunity to expand their social network by engaging with peers with a similar interest. By developing new ​friendships, the children will become more deeply involved in the activity. This could lead to these children getting more involved in school activities or competitions. For example, the children who attend Musical Theatre may develop a group that performs in the ‘Kentmere’s Got Talent Show’.

Extra curricular clubs provide the opportunity for children to develop interests and develop new skills whilst in a fun and safe environment. The sense of community within the clubs enable children to feel included and provides a much-needed break from schoolwork. The chance to develop passions and develop new interests also boosts endorphins and improves mood.

Develop New Life Skills

Develop New Life Skills

One of the main benefits and greatest advantages of our Extra curricular clubs are the development of real world ‘life skills’.

These skills include (but are not limited to):
Goal setting
Time Management
Problem solving
Analytical thinking
Public Speaking
Creative Thinking

The more the children push themselves in the extracurricular clubs the more they will develop these skills. They will learn that by participating in meaningful extracurricular clubs they will develop skills which will enable them to become happy and healthy in life.

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